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[April-2020] Site Selling, contact:

[October-2015] Updated Ore Calc, EVE Database, Fixed API Key Fetching

[October-2014] Fixed/Updated Loot History :)
[October-2014] Incursions widget, horizontal version.

    <div style=""><iframe src="" width="100%" height="125" frameBorder="0"></iframe></div>

[September-2014] Feel free to embed incursions widget.

    <div style="float: right;"><iframe src="" width="415" height="400" frameBorder="0"></iframe></div>

[June-2014] Alpha version of Incursion Finder
Need players for fleet:
Wanna find fleet:

[Apr-2014] If anyone interested, i have teamspeak 3 server with 512 slots.
Price is simple 1m for channel, 1m for slot :) No hard limits.
Minimum downtime, minimum changes, pure ts.
Contact LLuerssen in game.

[Apr-2014] Registration is back :)
[Apr-2014] Characters API checking is back. Corps will be added on next week...
[Apr-2014] Soon API fetching will be back, my own API fetcher preview

[Apr-2014] There are tons of problems with EVE API & Yapeal. API Checking temporarily disabled.
[Apr-2014] Now you can save & load loot histories. And if it was loaded/saved it will give you link to share. Example.
[Apr-2014] Finally, skill queue display on every page... Example & Info
[Apr-2014] Made a googlesheet for 2014 Summer Drone Revamp, also, there is 2nd sheet with drone damage calc for new drones :)

[Feb-2014] I'm back and cleanup is done. Only FULL API keys acceptable now ;)

Hey all! Guys, atm I'm in high-sec-wd corp. And I just received notify, that i'm using my site to wd peoples.
You can trust in this or no. But here goes my explanation:

Registration Date of guy:

  1. It's not against his corp.
  2. Registration date is AFTER WD.
  3. He's alliance CEO decided to join war as ally.

Generally, every war that my corp do, is checked through registered corps on this site, and we're trying to evade such situations.
If we'll miss you on list, we'll surrender to this war once we got notified.
If we'll kill anyone from your corp, we'll pay ISK back.

But this applies only for persons who registered 7 days before WD, and not trying to scam me.

[Mar-2013] If you go to settings, you can find new tab "Blueprint Levels", which lets your specify default ml/pl for blueprints. This values will be used for empty fields inside BPPC & BPO Calc.
[Mar-2013] Now you can specify your own percentage for each user in LHP while displaying results with "split by volume" option.
[Mar-2013] Item Names got their own menu which links to eve-central & eve-markets and if you're came from IGB, it will link to eve's stuff: info, market's, find in contracts, create buy order

[Feb-2013] Ololo! Shopping Lists has arrived!
[Feb-2013] Added simple Asset List.
[Feb-2013] Click on top-right "0.00 ISK" to get more info. :D
[Feb-2013] Updated colors for meter at Industry Jobs, at green state it will be "completed".
[Feb-2013] Added Corporation's blueprints to BPPC.

[Jan-2013] Changed Base Price "backup" to $0.0
[Jan-2013] Loot History learnt how to reprocess each item... revealing something like this: huh?!
[Jan-2013] Loot History can accept now 2-columns lines, like: "Clear Icicle 248" mainly used by hand-filling text-area. Format is: <ItemName> <4 Spaces> <ItemQuantity>
[Jan-2013] Mails & IndustryJobs now shows all characters names.
[Jan-2013] BPO Calc: Price Plan field added. See below...
[Jan-2013] LHP: Price Plan field added. Determines which price type will be taken. Price plans «Smin > Bmax» & «Bmax > Smin» works dynamically, if database can't get price from "left side" it will try to take price for "right side", e.g. if no BuyMax, then use SellMin for «Bmax > Smin». Guests limited to «Smin > Bmax»
[Jan-2013] LHP: Character Photos are back!
[Jan-2013] Loot History Update & Formats list.

[Jan-2013] Frequently I were asked about «What is better missiles or turrets?». Here's my IMHO!
Y-Axis: Damage or Efficiency ratios; X-Axis: Skill ratio;
Generally, we'll split each weapon skill to 4 levels, 0 -> 0.25, 0.25 -> 0.50 & etc. My point, that missiles good in early/mid time, like 3 missiles better than lvl 4 turrets until we get perfect/nealy perfect turrets.
For tanking efficiency, missiles have static ration, which means more dps = simplier to tank; While turrets have 0.25 to 0.75 @ mid skills and 0.5 to 1.5 with perfect skills; What this means?
To kill 10k EHP BS with our missile BC, we need 20s => 500 dps with missiles, and we'll rep about 5k HP
To kill same BS with our turrets BC, we need from 30 to 12s => this depends on hit-ratio, quality of hit & etc.
In a good situation we'll need to rep just 3k HP while doing 833 dps
In a bad: 7.5k HP repair and 333 dps

[Jan-2013] Loot History able now to parse copy-paste right from EvE.

[Dec-2012] BPO Calc's benchmark adds BUy Max & Sell Min prices into ML chart.
[Dec-2012] Hard limit for API Key's access mask, if any key doesn't supply minimum -> you'll be locked at api page.
[Dec-2012] BPO Calc: custom prices for materials, link to contracts, fixed unlimited ML Waste for Benchmarks, !!!OMG Nested BPO Calc ALPHA-VERSION!!!.
[Dec-2012] Corporation & Character's Industry Jobs.
[Dec-2012] EvE Mails Relay is working now! Check video on youtube! Or go to settings to turn it on! What it do? Resends eve mails to your real email account.
[Dec-2012] Check your Mails, if you enabled them in API :)
[Dec-2012] If you'll forget your password, you can restore it on login page.
[Dec-2012] [SSP] Added graph to compare ores; Added Reprocessed result.
[Dec-2012] Join our mailing list «Sister of EvE» in EvE to receive update notifications!
[Dec-2012] [LHP] Unprocessed Items now added to Reprocessed Items, e.g. 100 trit + 333 veld will result in 1100 Trit.
[Dec-2012] [BP Profit Calc] BPO/BPC display.
[Dec-2012] Retribution database uploaded.
[Dec-2012] BPO Calc: Benchmark shows ML/PL in a beautiful graph.
[Dec-2012] BPO Calc: Shows how much ore and time you need to mine to fullfil it. [REGISTERED ONLY]

[Nov-2012] BPO Calc: Shows to you awesome research chart when benchmarking blueprint.
[Nov-2012] Updated design for Loot History Parser and other tables.
[Nov-2012] Fixed bug in Loot History Parser: looted items were appearing in reprocessed results.
[Nov-2012] Skills got more natural view.
[Nov-2012] GMDC now uses Highcharts for better performance and awesome functionality.
[Nov-2012] Contracts can be insta-analyzed by LHP.
[Nov-2012] GMDC now uses Google Charts for better performance.
[Nov-2012] Character's contracts & Information blocks for LHP.
[Nov-2012] Strict rules for API Keys :-P

[Oct-2012] BPO Calc will use your own prices, until you disable it through option.
[Oct-2012] MMM renamed to BPO Calc.
[Oct-2012] Added simple Ore Calc.
[Oct-2012] Items like «Drazin's Keycard», «Gate Key», «Zbikoki's Hacker Card» were removed.
[Oct-2012] LH will use Jita's prices, if no orders in current trade-hub.
[Oct-2012] You can temporarily disable taxes in LH, registered only.
[Oct-2012] Some bug fixes.

[Sep-2012] LH learnt how to split ore by mined volume.

[Sep-2012] List of updates:

  • No more registered accounts without API keys.
  • LH: hide unprocessed(normal) results, Auto-merge setting, Corporation and Alliance Taxes (configure).
  • LH: Compact style for reports.

[Sep-2012] Loot History learnt how to merge character's values.
[Sep-2012] «Trade hub selection» for Loot History Parser enabled now for unregistered users.

[Sep-2012] GMDC — You're now able to choose missiles to analyze, also:

  • added Unguided missiles.
  • added field for amount of missile launchers.
  • added Burst/DPS checkbox.

[Sep-2012] Survey Scanner Parser — «Copy & Paste» your surver scanner's results and get totals and worth.

[Aug-2012] If you go to GMDC while being registered user, your skills will be automatically imported.
[Aug-2012] Added Caldari Navy Missiles to GMDC.
[Aug-2012] Say Hello to «Guided Missiles Damage Chart» — a chart, that shows most efficient missiles versus different ships.

[Jul-2012] I've done Loot History Guidecheck it now!
[Jul-2012] You can now request any features at
[Jul-2012] Column filter can be foudn in Settings, works for Loot History Parser.
[Jul-2012] Custom prices available at Settings page, and they're used in Loot History Parser.
[Jul-2012] Loot history can now reprocess things :D
[Jul-2012] Loot history now accept «Copy & Paste» data from EVE.
[Jul-2012] Industry Kills limited to kills that occured in last 7 days.
[Jul-2012] Registered users can choose trade hub in settings page.